4 Girls Fingerpaint


4 Girls Fingerpaint

The 4 Girls Fingerpaint is an adult movie depicting a girl in a room performing various hardcore sexual acts. It is famous for the ‘cutting edge’ incorporation of several shock site elements including: nasty hermaphrodites. It fails to contain the standard vomit eating seen in other films. The term ‘finger paint’ is used to describe the way that the girl artistically fingerpaints on her genitals. The background audio is believed to originate from Eastern Europe.

The movie was produced in Brazil by the same director as 2 Girls 1 Cup and has achieved some notoriety as an internet shock site. The actresses in the movie are presently unknown. Other shock sites similar to 4 girls fingerpaint include: Jap Scat and 2 Girls 1 Finger.

4 girls fingerpaint on a Sunday afternoon.

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